About Us

Strategis owes its roots to Megatec, a company that has implemented and supported Strategix, the software that has become the core engine of OneOffice, since the early 1990’s.  This support has continued through to the current day, with expansion into New Zealand in 2002.

While we are a small team, we believe that our trans-Tasman availability and high knowledge base is more important than volumes of staff or big buildings.

We aim to implement cleanly so that our customers become largely self sufficient and do not need our assistance on a day to day basis (though you’ll find our support is prompt and knowledgeable when you need it.)

As we see it, our role is to help businesses implement new functionality or to assist them with reconfiguration as their business growth or change needs demand.

We all have extensive business backgrounds as well as knowledge in software and business processing.

What makes us different?

  • The person you meet during the sales process will also be on site and involved in your implementation.  We don’t believe in pre-sales walking away and having different staff implementing.
  • We treat Australia and New Zealand as one market, meaning that we have a support operational from 8am in Auckland until 5pm in Melbourne.
  • We want to understand your business.  Who you are and where you are taking your business is the most important thing.  Once we understand your business, we can start informing you what our software might do for you.
  • Our cost overheads are reasonably lean.  You are not paying for grandiose buildings or tiers of management.
  • We have a number of experienced contractors available if required for major implementations.  They also have long term experience in both OneOffice and business.
  • We are committed to our businesss.  You are our business!

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This intelligent data management software does away with multiple screen confusion, making accessing customer information quick and easy.

Article extract from I-Start Magazine Australia & New Zealand