OneOffice Components

OneOffice is made up of many component building blocks (or modules).  These all work together to give a solution that is configured to YOUR business.  In addition to these components there are over 3,500 different configuration options that change the way information is presented and the order in which tasks are done. What does this mean to you?

It means that we can configure a system to work more closely to the way you want to work.

Want some more generalised information, then look at the OneOffice Brochure or the more specialised ERP Brochure.

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OneOffice Successes

"When we went looking for new business ERP software we had a large shopping list of requirements... OneOffice fulfils that list admirably and even added new possibilities that we hadn't considered."

SmartPoint Successes


New to the ANZ market, SmartPoint has been proven in Europe where customers want to Know Everything about their business but don't need to implement a new ERP or CRM system.