OneOffice includes a manufacturing support ideally suited to companies in the “manufacture to order” or “batch manufacturing” sectors. It is not an MRP product.

Creating assemblies or kits of standard products can be achieved by the simple “assemble at pick” and “assemble to stock” configurations.  These are a great way of creating assembled products while optimising stock.

Not sure what your customers want and need to be flexible with configurations?  Configure to Order is a powerful way of creating a configured end product by selecting from a set of pre-approved options.

If your business is more complex than that, it may be that works order processing or capacity planning is required.

Works order processing handles management of works orders starting from quotation and order entry, picking and issue of component stock, production stage management through to order completion and end product receipt and shipping.  The WOP system utilises the sophisticated bill of materials and kitting facilities in Stock Control and Configure-to-Order systems, providing a highly functional solution for assembly manufacturing.  It fully supports the use of sub-contractors and multiple tiered manufacturing.

Capacity planning deals with the requirement to schedule works orders, manages available resources and ensures that the user has visibility of the current schedule and resource availability.

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