Project Control


OneOffice provides advanced facilities for the pro-active management of projects by accounting and project management personnel. This includes weekly or period-based timesheet postings, configurable three-dimensional project control and specialised invoicing features.

Contract Invoicing

Contract Invoicing is used to define invoice formats and layouts, to generate draft invoices which may optionally be revised and to print final invoices for client contracts/jobs based on costs posted to Contract Costing and recurring charges held in a standing charges file. It also provides facilities for the generation of automatic renewal invoices from within the service management system.

Contract Costing

Contract Costing is used to define multiple contracts or jobs and provides a detailed analysis of the work in progress through contract control and the General Ledger. It provides drill down enquiries from summary level statistics to detailed transactions where required, providing multiple views of the contract positions.

Time Recording

Time Recording provides a mechanism for recording time spent on individual projects and contracts by each employee within the company. Sophisticated enquiries and reports are available to enable the efficient management of time utilised on these projects.

Employee Expenses

Provides facilities for the capture, analysis and payment of expenses to employees. It provides a highly configurable analysis capability, allowing for information on employee cars and mileage allowance to be maintained and, amongst other facilities, allows for the control and recovery of advance payments made to employees. Expense information is available in both summary and detailed formats. In addition, the end of year P60 may be produced for each employee within the system.

OneOffice Successes

"We see our software as one of our primary weapons".  So says Kevin Cloke, General Manager at Wattmaster, distributors of electrical products to the Australian electrical wholesale market. "We believe that we would not have achieved the level of success that we have without it." Before moving on to OneOffice, Wattmaster utilised two different software solutions over four years.  These previous solutions just could not support their incredible growth and their expanding business requirements. "Fortunately we found OneOffice," states Managing Director Peter Bendle.  "We know that this package just keeps on expanding with us.  We have already doubled the number of licensed users and find there is always a solution for any new business needs. " Wattmaster has enjoyed significant growth in the few years they have been using OneOffice.  To their pleasure, the staff numbers have increased at a much slower rate than the sales, improving their ROI continually. With several large international customers, Wattmaster have to provinde a world class service.  They are in the process of implementing a "Pick Face & Replinishment" system in their warehouse, a standard part of the OneOffice logistics solutions.  This will help keep them ahead of their competition and looking forward to a continually brighter future....  

SmartPoint Successes


This intelligent data management software does away with multiple screen confusion, making accessing customer information quick and easy.

Article extract from I-Start Magazine Australia & New Zealand