Service Management


The OneOffice product suite contains a comprehensive set of features for service based operations spanning both the management of contracts in the back-office and service call handling in the front-office. In common with the rest of OneOffice, information managed in one part of your business can be freely shared with other parts of the organisation ensuring that everyone has the information they require to offer a high level of customer service and to manage service delivery within the scope of service contracts and Service Level Agreements (SLAs).

The Service Management capability in OneOffice spans all customer service operations including:

  • Logging and control of service requests from customers, both via your contact centre and on-line via the customer portal.
  • Management of field engineers.
  • Handling of associated logistics.
  • Control of Contracts and Service Level Agreements.

These features combine to enable the provision of a full range of service based product offerings, either as a stand-alone business or as part of a broader integrated product set.

Service Call Management

Customers can log calls either on-line via the Customer Portal or by telephone or e-mail into your contact centre. Using this initial call information and the provisions of any Service Contract, each call can be evaluated and priorities and actions established. Once a call is underway, full visibility of the status is maintained across your business ensuring that everyone is working from the same single view of information. This approach supports the provision of a high quality and cost effective service.

Service Contract Maintenance

The details of Service Contracts are held in this central repository. A range of information is held against each contract covering both the financial and services aspects of the agreement; these details can be held for an overall configuration, or for individual components. The day-to-day management of each contract can be automated using Contract Costing and Contract Invoicing.

Diary Management

This is a highly flexible capability to schedule engineers to service calls. The activities for each engineer can be scheduled against available slots in the diary or they can be booked against a master activity, which itself is allocated a time slot in the diary.

Time Recording

This records the time spent on individual customers and contracts by different people within your business.

Time sheet postings can be daily, weekly or period based and OneOffice provides extensive validation facilities. Individual time sheet entries can be costed and recharged using a wide variety of different algorithms or costings and charging matrices. Time recording is used to post time-dependant costs to Contract Costing. Time can be further analysed by individual activities performed by people and these activities may be specific to a contract or have a company wide application. Using these tools, the way people are spending their time can be charged accurately via a wide range of costing methods.

The system includes extensive enquiry facilities, and a validation report can be used to identify all employees whose time sheets have not been entered, those which are incomplete and those where employee-specific limits have been exceeded.

Planned Maintenance

The Planned Maintenance facility enables the automatic scheduling of maintenance calls within Engineers Diary. A schedule of visits is stored against an agreement in Service Contract Maintenance, with facilities to manage a list of future visits. As well as managing the visit schedule and allocating calls, requisitions can be generated for the parts required by the engineer for the specific visit.


As well as managing contracts and people, service management includes the control of stock issues, parts swapping and exchanges associated with operating service engineers across multiple locations and for more general customer service operations. For example, automatic replenishment requisitions may be generated to fulfil stock requirements from a central logistics location.

Driving Customer Service & Controlling Cost

Where service contracts and/or engineers form any part of your business, OneOffice has the capability to help you and your people to profitably deliver a consistently high level of service.

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