Butler report

Independent Analyst Report on OneOffice

“OneOffice is a comprehensive solution that delivers more than many ERP systems because of its extension out to the supply chain at one end and the customer relationship at the other.”

“The OneOffice WorkSpaceTM is clear, and uses the layering concept well, ensuring that users do not get lost. A major part of this is the concept that is called Active IntelligenceTM, a patent pending non-invasive technology which provides context sensitive intelligence, which can be obtained from data sources both inside and outside the organisation. Combined with the Alert Manager for events (such as indicating to a sales person that a quotation has already been made for this item for this customer, and therefore they should use this price rather than potentially offering a different one) these features make OneOffice an extremely sophisticated tool that remains easy to use.”

“OneOffice has breadth and depth, combined with a clever user interface that manages to provide information to the user in a very uncluttered way. This, together with the in depth market knowledge of the company’s professional services team, leads to a solution that provides an edge over and above many competing offerings.”

Teresa Jones
Senior Research Analyst
The Butler Group

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