Small Enterprise Solution

Strategis’ Small Enterprise Solution is specially designed for Australian and New Zealand distribution companies….

This versatile, hard working business system is specially designed for Australian and New Zealand distribution companies, many of whom have to meet all the demands of any international enterprise, but with much leaner organisations.

While a typical Asian or European distributor may have 150 – 200 staff selling, supporting and repairing their product ranges, an ANZ company will have only 20 – 30 staff to deliver the same services. They sell the same number of products, but in smaller volumes so they have to be more productive than the larger company.

The “Small Enterprise” solution is ideally suited to businesses from 8 to 50 users, while OneOffice itself can extend beyond 1,000 users.

The Small Enterprise System is not Small

This is the fully functional OneOffice system, capable of scaling up to over 1,000 users.  Strategis have pre-packaged the system to deliver a competitively priced system for smaller companies, but that is all.  When these companies grow, they can unleash the full power of OneOffice by increasing hardware power and changing configuration features as they require them.  This means that their software will grow with their company….

There are four components to this prepackaged solution; hardware, software, business intelligence, implementation.

The underlying system is delivered on a Linux server running OneOffice, an Informix database and active intelligence server software. Hardware and database costs are substantially lower than a normal Enterprise server, making the OneOffice solution readily accessible to smaller enterprises. Depending on web, email and printing requirements one or two more windows servers may be needed, though most businesses will have these in place already.

Active intelligence delivers information to all users via the Workspace desktop. A user logging into OneOffice immediately sees on their dashboard critical performance parameters:

A salesperson may see sales and gross profit by customer, product group or similar, while a credit controller may see all overdue customers by value or customers on hold.
As the staff member works, the workspace delivers information he or she needs. So, the salesperson entering a customer name would see contacts, credit limit, recent visit notes and other sales information. Meanwhile, the credit controller in the same screen, on the same customer will see finance contacts, credit history, credit control notes, outstanding orders and invoices.
The “Small Enterprise” solution delivers an agreed set of dashboard and context data.

Fixed Price Implementation

Software implementation costs are often considerable and “extras” may be presented after implementation is completed.  Strategis agrees costs up front and so guarantees to the customer security of investment and a smooth, professional implementation.  “We have successfully done fixed price implementations for several years”, says Gary Park, Director of Strategis. “It makes us focus on a cost effective, professional implementation while our customers know we will deliver all the functionality without added cost.”

OneOffice ERP

OneOffice ERP software is a modular, highly configurable system delivering a fully functional business solution to distributors, wholesalers, light manufacturers, importers and exporters. It delivers an integrated accounting, distribution, logistics and active intelligence system to run the business as an entity. Because of its modular nature, pricing can vary depending on the needs and number of users. A company may choose to start with a small number of modules and add others as business grows. Modules are totally integrated, so immediately expand the functionality available to all users.  When implementing the Small Business Solution, Strategis will agree the required modules with the customer.  Further modules may be purchased and implemented at any time.

Success For Lubricants NZ

One very satisfied user of “Small Enterprise” solution is Lubricants NZ Limited, importer and distributor of Elf oil products. Lubricants’ has offices in three cities and four stock locations, including consignment stock and multiple trading divisions. Given the volatility of oil prices and exchange rates, the company needed a solution that covered the total supply chain of their business.  In the first year of operation, inventory control was improved markedly while sales accellerated.  “We had a large shopping list of requirements” said Andrew Stewart, owner of Lubricants NZ Ltd. “I’m pleased to say that the OneOffice “Small Enterprise” solution satisfied them all”.

Strategis is the authorised reseller for OneOffice in Australia and New Zealand. For enquiries, please contact us or call;


Gary Park      +61 3 9724 0734

New Zealand

Mike Carroll +64 9 521 0724

OneOffice Successes

When Virgin Mobile contracted OneOffice as their ERP system, they had just 9 weeks to deliver a full system (including web and credit card) for Christmas sales.  Virgin Mobile's sales were ahead of all expectation.

SmartPoint Successes


New to the ANZ market, SmartPoint has been proven in Europe where customers want to Know Everything about their business but don't need to implement a new ERP or CRM system.