Do I have to buy the whole OneOffice package or can I buy just parts as I need them?

OneOffice has a component based design, enabling you to choose a solution which is right for your business embracing sales, marketing, finance, logistics, order processing, inventory, warehouse management, procurement, partners, vendors, production, service, e-commerce and electronic collaboration. However, since all of the components are fully integrated, as your business needs grow and change OneOffice’s capabilities can quickly and smoothly adapted to suit.

Can OneOffice work with my existing applications, such as CRM, from other vendors?

Yes, OneOffice can be configured to draw in data from any source, regardless of vendor.

Is OneOffice for large enterprises different from OneOffice for SMEs?

There is only one OneOffice. OneOffice is easily scalable from eight users to 1000 users but the underlying functionality remains the same no matter what the size of installation. Smaller firms may initially implement only certain components of OneOffice and add others later as they grow or their needs change.

Note that for smaller firms with limited budgets and IT capability, Strategis has created a competitively priced pre-packaged system consisting of hardware, software, business intelligence, implementation. Click here for more information about Strategis’ pre-packaged offering.

Will I have to change my business to implement OneOffice?

OneOffice enhances and streamlines your business as it is, but you reap significant benefits through OneOffices’s capabilities to create information transparency and its ability to deliver information immediately when it’s needed, where it’s needed. However, once you and your staff have become familiar with OneOffice, we can work with you to reveal opportunities to use the system’s capabilities to extract more value from your business.

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