Lubricants NZ Green IT

While not a large company in a worldwide sense, Elf Oil distributor Lubricants Limited have proven that green IT and sustainability can augment business goals rather than compete with them. “As distributors of oil products, we could easily be seen as the bête noire of those seeking to minimise carbon emissions”, states Andrew Stewart, Managing Director of Lubricants. “However lubricants, quite literally, make the world go around and we see our role as acting responsibly in providing the items that allow industry to move.”

Lubricants were already proponents of a Reduce – Recycle – Reuse programme. They provide services to pick up waste oil and move on to other industries for reuse. They freight in bulk, then decant and package locally to reduce waste and energy usage. They are also providers of non carbon lubricants and actively keep abreast of this side of the market.

When examining their long term IT strategy, they took the same approach and looked to minimise energy and waste in all areas. Their selection of OneOffice recognised the longer term objectives of a Green IT strategy as well as the outright functionality required by the company.

Lubricants examined their hardware platforms for optimal performance and energy usage. By using Virtual Machine to allow their Linux and Windows Servers to coexist on the same hardware, the number of servers was reduced and will be further reduced in the near future. Backups are synchronised to off site third party storage and use of Terminal Services allows data consolidation and security while keeping high processing and energy power requirements in one place. Staff all use laptops, and wireless modems allow staff secure, “on demand” access to all the company’s systems and data.

One of the largest generators of waste in IT is paper and Lubricants NZ actively seek to minimise this at all times. Up to date performance reporting is available using OneOffice dashboards which can be examined and drilled down through. Dashboards are always available and remove the need for paper based reporting. Similarly product data and technical documents can be made available in context screens while staff look at stock and pricing information.

Documentation to customers and suppliers has also been examined and plans put in place for reduction. Where applicable, documents are emailed as secure pdf’s with copies kept in the OneOffice MediaServer for access and auditing. These plans are being rolled out progressively as customers and suppliers become accustomed to this service. Future plans also include integration into the company’s next generation web site and pull based documents replacing push in many cases.

Stewart chimes in with some timely thoughts. “Energy usage, reusability, cost and staff productivity do not have to be in conflict”, he says. “Done sensibly, we believe that all of these items can combine to make us a more responsible and profitable business.”

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Article extract from I-Start Magazine Australia & New Zealand