Industry Focus

OneOffice and Strategis focus on a limited set of industry sectors. Why the limit?

We can’t be all things to all firms. However we can meet the needs of firms in some sectors very well.

The sectors we focus on have been selected in part for historical reasons and in part for the types of business that OneOffice is most suited to. By focusing on industry sectors we are able to build our own expertise and can continually develop OneOffice to better meet the needs of those sectors.

To summarise how customers benefit from our Industry Focus on specific sectors:

  • You get industry-specific functionality as standard
  • We produce a continuous product enhancement stream, enabling enterprises to take advantage of business opportunities quickly
  • Fewer enhancements mean smooth and rapid deployment – producing fast ROI
  • Strategis has the ability to anticipate developments in the market – so you keep one step ahead
  • Our personnel have extensive experience implementing the software within the sector. This ensures smooth implementation and also offers the opportunity to use our skills to maximise the benefits of introducing new business practices associated with the software.

We are continually building strength and knowledge in our target sectors.  Like our software, we want to “know everything”.

OneOffice Successes

When Virgin Mobile contracted OneOffice as their ERP system, they had just 9 weeks to deliver a full system (including web and credit card) for Christmas sales.  Virgin Mobile's sales were ahead of all expectation.

SmartPoint Successes


This intelligent data management software does away with multiple screen confusion, making accessing customer information quick and easy.

Article extract from I-Start Magazine Australia & New Zealand