Implementation to suit your business, not ours

It’s frightening how some vendors still wanted us to change our business to fit their system,” laments Tony Cassey, operations director at Arrow Distributors.

So when a solution such as OneOffice comes along, that combines total flexibility with comprehensive functionality, we were swept off our feet. [We found that] OneOffice could be tailored to fit our business – not the other way around.”

Our Approach

We believe that software starts and ends with you and your business.

Our first step is to understand how you go to market and the processes that deliver your unique selling proposition.

We then apply our Business Process Review process in order to build knowledge about your business.

We can then

  • Tell you the degree of fit between OneOffice and your business
  • Give an estimate of cost for your systems
  • Quickly create a demonstration of OneOffice using a small sample of your customers, products and suppliers.  While this won’t be a full, in depth demonstration it will allow you to gain an understanding of how we would deliver to your business, and the functionality you can expect, without the need to spend weeks in pilot or prototype development.


  • We will politely explain that, unfortunately, our software will not meet your needs in the long run and why this is the case.

Professional Services

  • Business Process & Gap analysis
  • Fit Matrix
  • Scoping
  • Implementation schedule/roadmap
  • Financing

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Article extract from I-Start Magazine Australia & New Zealand