SmartPoint beats the silos


This intelligent data management software does away with multiple screen confusion, making accessing customer information quick and easy.

Article extract from I-Start Magazine Australia & New Zealand

Silos of information that don’t connect to each other are a big business bugbear. SmartPoint overcomes this by using a dashboard that pulls out the relevant information from different databases, making dealing with customers easier and more efficient.

The UK product has just arrived in Australasia and is being distributed in New Zealand and Australia by Auckland & Melbourne-based Strategis. Managing director Mike Carroll describes SmartPoint as a dashboard that sits next to the user’s main screen and displays relevant data from two or more databases in a simple format.

By making workstations “intelligent” in this way, a call centre operator, say, now doesn’t have to jump about between different screens, to access information from various databases, all while talking to a customer. Carroll gives the example of a telco call centre operator who might need to access details about a customer’s main account, then access the customer’s internet account details, and then find out what broadband plan the company concerned is on; all to add an extra phone line.

“SmartPoint does away with the need to jump between screens as it automatically finds the information with no extra keying”, says Carroll. Large companies have at least two and sometimes three or four different databases. These can be embedded in the ERP system or Business Intelligence or Data Warehouse system, creating the aforesaid “silos” of data that SmartPoint provides a hook into.

The other useful feature of the software is that the information that’s pulled into the dashboard can be different depending on each user’s role.

“A call centre operator would be looking for different information to a credit control person, who might want to know what promises a person has made earlier regarding their payments. The information displayed changes according to the role of the operator logged in,” says Carroll.

“Companies invest millions of dollars in software, so they can manage their transaction needs via ERP, and their information needs via business intelligence. But much of this information ends up being spread across the business in different silos of data. SmartPoint brings it all together by drawing data from multiple silos at once. This gets information to end-users in a timely, sensible way.”

Carroll adds that the software is simple to use – staff training takes minutes not days. Given the turnover of call centre staff, this is good news. It’s also easy to deploy, taking days not weeks, and is affordable, he adds. And it’s tried-and-tested, having already been proven in Europe.

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New to the ANZ market, SmartPoint has been proven in Europe where customers want to Know Everything about their business but don't need to implement a new ERP or CRM system.