New to the ANZ market, SmartPoint has been proven in Europe where customers want to Know Everything about their business but don’t need to implement a new ERP or CRM system.

SmartPoint is the optimum way of delivering higher productivity to any company.  It can be linked to a variety of ERP, CRM, Business Intelligence or other Business Software.  It sits alongside the software, changing the information that it delivers in context to what the operator is doing.  It is smart, it is simple and it works.  Don’t just believe us, look what customers say about this product;

“What impressed us most about SmartPoint was its ability to deliver so much more information to the desktop. Our sales teams no longer have to delve through different menus, screens and files on our systems to find the information for each customer and transaction. This saves an enormous amount of time, which opens up more opportunities for our sales team to sell more products or move onto the next customer.”

Nick Pye, Director, Midwich Ltd

“SmartPoint has delivered exactly what we needed to help our agents work more efficiently – we have been very impressed.”

Susan Attard, Deputy Town Clerk, City of London

“Before SmartPoint, it had not been possible to quickly access information from other systems such as social services and housing. The new integrated system enables our customer service officers to provide an enhanced, faster and more flexible service to customers because they can resolve enquiries about multiple departments.”

Martin Garlick, head of Customer First, Medway Council.

“Currently, to answer a typical customer enquiry, place an order or look at existing orders, agents are required to navigate a very structured and rigid path through our systems that not only requires them to open far too many screens, repeating information input in each, but also means that contact resolution times can be lengthy. We needed a solution that would work with our existing systems and provide agents with an immediate summary of relevant customer information for each contact.”

Peter Pounds, General Manager of Books Customer Service for Europe at Elsevier

SmartPoint Named Finalist in the Prestigious Top Performers in the Contact Centre Industry Regional Awards

Thursday 02nd April 2009, London, UK – SmartPoint is named a Finalist in the 2009 Top Performers in the Contact Centre Industry Awards for EMEA.

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This intelligent data management software does away with multiple screen confusion, making accessing customer information quick and easy.

Article extract from I-Start Magazine Australia & New Zealand