Active Intelligence

Context sensitive information

Active Intelligence delivers the information users need, when they need it.

In contrast to the traditional procedural approach, where data is stored and left dormant until an operator actively seeks it out, Active Intelligence assists the user by determining the nature of the task in hand and delivering pertinent related information. As tasks change the related information provided by Active Intelligence changes, instantly.

Imagine you’re in a distribution/wholesale company and you’re working on Product X and Customer Y.

Active Intelligence finds and presents additional information for that Customer/Product combination, and you can also elect to see other relevant information, so you can make decisions and resolve issues on the spot.

With Active Intelligence, OneOffice helps your business and staff by:

  • Enabling more informed, more timely decisions
  • Maximising efficiency (no switching from application to application and searching out data; reducing the need for callbacks)
  • Reducing new staff learning curve (only one interface to learn)
  • Improving customer satisfaction (staff can inform customers on the fly about changes to critical information such as product pricing or availability)
  • Boosting revenues (avoiding bad debts, upselling, closing sales)

Compare the traditional approach with Active Intelligence:

Traditional Approach

Active Intelligence

  • Screens are designed by the programmers.

  • Flexibility is given by “screen painting” the data that has been made available to the screen.

  • Companies commonly have multiple data sources and need multiple programs to access the information.

  • Staff have to move between programs to complete their tasks.

  • Information can come from multiple data sources.

  • Information is combined on one screen.

  • The business decides what is shown based on a person’s role and the screen they are in.

  • The user is fully informed, with all information in one place at one time.

  • Customer service is faster and higher quality.

This Active Intelligence screen shows an example of how information can be attached to an order enquiry screen to give extra information about that customer.

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