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OneOffice Dashboards provide a powerful and flexible mechanism for collecting and displaying customized, context-sensitive information on a single screen.

Dashboards are straightforward to build and simple to customize to display key information to the user in the context of the task they are performing.

For example, the Dashboard could automatically show the last three sales orders, contact notes and specific promotions available when the operator selects a customer record. And the data can come from almost any computer source.

What do you want to know each morning?

When you start work, what do you most want to know about your business?

That’s the information you can expect to see on your personal Dashboard.

Take a look at our Supply Chain Dashboard to see how powerful dashboards can be.

What do you need to know right now?

A customer is on the phone and wants to do a one-off deal for a product with you right now.  What do you need to know?

  • The last price the customer has paid for this product?
  • The last price you quoted the customer?
  • The lowest price you have ever sold for?
  • The current buy price and exchange rate?
  • Your free stock now and into the future?
  • Your monthly sales of this product?
  • Your customer’s credit history?
  • Your sales and profit month to date?

How would it be if you had all of this information, right now, on one screen?

How hard would it be to solve this problem with your current system?

Unlike most systems, which have you jumping around screens to cobble all this information together, a context Dashboard configured for your business means that all of this information can be available in one place, at a moment’s notice.

Low cost, high value, minimal time

A typical Dashboard will take less than a day to develop and some can take mere hours.  Compared with the value a Dashboard can deliver, the development cost is negligible. And with knowledgeable IT staff, Dashboard development can be taken in house.

“Know Everything”

Download the OneOffice Dashboards overview here (needs Adobe Acrobat reader)

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OneOffice Successes

"When we went looking for new business ERP software we had a large shopping list of requirements... OneOffice fulfils that list admirably and even added new possibilities that we hadn't considered."

SmartPoint Successes


New to the ANZ market, SmartPoint has been proven in Europe where customers want to Know Everything about their business but don't need to implement a new ERP or CRM system.