Packaging & Office Supplies

In many ways unique to Packaging and Office Supplies, customers often expect near zero lead times while giving little view of their future demands.  To add to that challenge, supply chain requirements are focused and time critical, with financial penalties for later delivery.

How do you satisfy your customer’s needs while avoiding excess inventory? How do you gain advantage over your competitors when margins are shrinking day by day? How do you ensure your back office processes flawlessly integrate with your front office?

K8 can meet your needs with…

  • Multi-tiered price management.
  • The ability to process scheduled, back-to-back and direct orders, automatic accessory selection and configure-to-order facilities.
  • Customer labeling, EDI and other customisation as required for customer specific operations.
  • Purchase forecasting to ensure inventory accuracy and suggested order generation.
  • Assembly of kits, where products may be assembled or branded on despatch for specific customer requirements.
  • Product forecasting by customer and consolidated.
  • Delivery times factored into warehouse processing to ensure accurate deliveries to the customer.
  • Warehouse management and dashboards to ensure complete visibility of the supply chain.
  • Carrier tracking
  • Distribustion Centre Pick Face and Replenishment bin management.
  • Consignment stock management capabilities.

By deploying K8 for the front office order capture processes and in the back office for inventory management and order fulfilment all areas of your businesses will have a common real-time view across the full order lifecycle.

The K8 Business Intelligence capability allows monitoring of all KPI’s and improve customer service.


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Article extract from I-Start Magazine Australia & New Zealand