Wholesale Distribution

While the fundamentals of wholesale trading still involve the breaking of bulk and selling to retailers, the market is rapidly becoming broader and more complex. Retailers intent on squeezing wholesale prices in a competitive market present a challenge, but wholesalers can meet it by sourcing more effectively, maintaining strong relationships with manufacturers and other suppliers, and seeking out new sources globally.

K8 helps wholesalers to negotiate and manage cost prices, order efficiently, stock just-in-time, reduce handling and optimise transport. Visibility across the whole supply chain gives stronger control over the huge catalogue essential to give customers choice and availability. K8 can also support the introduction of business and service innovations such as vendor/supplier managed inventory, franchises, e-commerce, telesales, logistics or showrooms. Using K8 wholesalers can evolve and build margins by becoming much more than just a supplier of bulk product.

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Article extract from I-Start Magazine Australia & New Zealand