Electronic Products

OneOffice has many of its roots in the Electronics industry.

Many early customers were major electronic component and electronic end product distributors, wholesalers and retailers, so we understand requirements unique to your business, like “ship & debit”, “ship and credit” and “price protection”.

We know that products can be bought, stocked and ordered but not shipped until official supplier release dates.  And we understand that there may be many revisions of products to manage.  Strategis’ principals have worked in the electronics industry with OneOffice as their business software.

We also understand contract manufacturing and the requirements of serialisation, batch control and sub-assembling.

We have configured and created complex supply chain facilities for customers in this segment.  We have forecast management, pull to line, consignment, In Plant Stores, replenishment models and numerous other supply chain tools.

Oh, we can also do aftermarket support with repairs and call handling.  Electronic product management is part of our core business.


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Industry Focus

The Electronic Products Sector is part of our Industry Focus programme.

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