High Technology

Struggling to reconcile demand for your products with your supply capacity? Ever been stuck with write-offs of unwanted stock?

In a market where customer service is increasingly the primary differentiator, it is essential to commit to customer SLA’s (or pay a penalty).  The trick is to do this without tying up millions of dollars in inventory, keeping a high stock turn and avoiding the costliest of pitfalls, the obsolescence trap.

This is true not just for distributors but also for value-add organisations all along the supply chain.

It may be possible to assess stock levels in order to meet recent sales demand, but what allowance do you need if DOAs are higher than anticipated?  And what about factoring in forecasted demand?

OneOffice can manage the volumes, but still allow you to be fast on your feet.


Here a few of the high-tech sales and service businesses that have OneOffice at the heart of their operations:


Bailey Teswaine
Croft plc
Interface Systems International (ISI)
Midwich Ltd
Sterry Communications
Virgin Mobile




Industry Focus

The High Technology Sector is part of our Industry Focus programme.

OneOffice Successes

"When we went looking for new business ERP software we had a large shopping list of requirements... OneOffice fulfils that list admirably and even added new possibilities that we hadn't considered."

SmartPoint Successes


New to the ANZ market, SmartPoint has been proven in Europe where customers want to Know Everything about their business but don't need to implement a new ERP or CRM system.