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Customer service is often measured by the performance delivered to a customer’s call.  Every person talking to a customer is a contact centre operator for that time and needs the optimum opportunity to do a good job.

SmartPoint can deliver information from a variety of ERP, CRM and Database solutions.  It doesn’t care about the source of the data, just in delivering it to a contact centre operator so that they can do their job.



SmartPoint improves contact centre performance by delivering an integrated view of customer information – in real-time and in context to the customer call – to the contact centre advisor’s desktop.

Ensuring that people have the right information when they need it has become a significant challenge for many contact centres. Providing a single view of the customer becomes critical to ensure an excellent customer experience.

SmartPoint helps organisations to:

  • Increase customer retention
  • Increase customer profitability
  • Increase operational efficiency
  • Maximise cross & up-sell opportunities during service interactions
  • Enable proactive account management

“What impressed us most about SmartPoint was its ability to deliver so much more information to the desktop. Our sales teams no longer have to delve through different menus, screens and files on our systems to find the information for each customer and transaction. This saves an enormous amount of time, which opens up more opportunities for our sales team to sell more products or move onto the next customer.”

Nick Pye, Director, Midwich Ltd.

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"When we went looking for new business ERP software we had a large shopping list of requirements... OneOffice fulfils that list admirably and even added new possibilities that we hadn't considered."

SmartPoint Successes


This intelligent data management software does away with multiple screen confusion, making accessing customer information quick and easy.

Article extract from I-Start Magazine Australia & New Zealand