Supply Chain Dashboard

When we talk about “Knowing Everything” about your business, we really do mean business.  We have developed a Supply Chain Dashboard as an example of just how powerful our software is.  While Active Intelligence delivers information to support immediate decision making, the supply chain dashboard shows you how well you are performing operationally.

Imagine being able to see all the critical elements of your supply chain at the click of a button.

This dashboard is so powerful that it is really hard to show just how good it can be!  It only shows items where there is something to measure, so the better your company is running, the less information it shows!!

This dashboard measures the lifeblood of your business, but we know that every business is different.  So the first question you will ask is “can you tailor this to my business?”  The answer is most assuredly YES.  As part of our implementation, we will agree to set up this dashboard to measure the key parameters of your business so that you can monitor your performance at any time.

Of course, it doesn’t end there.  When you click on any of the lines above, the details are immediately visible to you.  For instance, the dashboard shows that there are 1,089 products that have been in stock for more than 12 months, with a combined value of $829,255.  When you click on the line, the dashboard will drill down to show you exactly what products this relates to and all relevant details.  However if you had no products older than 12 months, the line would disappear totally.

What This Dashboard Measures

Our current version of the Supply Chain Dashboard measures the following parameters.

Logistics / Warehouse Measures

  • Lines Queued To Pick In The Warehouse
  • Lines Currently Being Picked
  • Lines Picked and Confirmed
  • Purchase Order Lines Received
  • Purchease Order Lines In Put Away (Not Yet Available for Sale)
  • Purchease Order Lines In Cross Dock(Immediately Billable)
  • Lines Currently In Stock Taking
  • Lines Stock Taken This Month

Stock Measurements

  • Total Stock Value
  • Preferred Stock Lines With No Free Stock
  • Lines In Quarantine (Not Available To Sell)
  • StockGreater Than 12 months old

Sales Measurements

  • Quotes Outstanding
  • Orders Billable Now
  • Orders Billable Current Month
  • Orders Billable Now But On Hold
  • Orders Billable But No Stock& No Purchase Order Placed
  • Orders Billable On A Purchase Order That Is Due or Overdue
  • Orders Billable On A Purchase Order Due After Today
  • Credits Raised Current Month

Purchase Order Measurements

  • Products Requiring Urgent Purchasing
  • Purchase Orders In Shipment Module
  • Purchase Orders Overdue For Deliver
  • Purchase Orders Due Within 30 Days

The dashboard is under continual development and is customised for every customer.  The opportunities are huge for every customer.

Something This Good Must Be Expensive?

Each line on this dashboard has taken less than a day to create, including the drill down to show the underlying information.  As stated above, we would customise this dashboard as part of our implementation.  Once it is live, changes and additions would usually take hours rather than days.  If you have in house technical staff, we can train them to develop dashboards all by themselves.

OneOffice Successes

"I see OneOffice as the value driver for our sales force. The CRM and dashboard tools deliver improved decision making to fuel our growth and enhance customer relationships."

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New to the ANZ market, SmartPoint has been proven in Europe where customers want to Know Everything about their business but don't need to implement a new ERP or CRM system.