In the past, ERP solutions attempted to deliver the best, most integrated solution for all parts of their customer’s businesses.  This often meant complex and cumbersome ERP solutions that tried to be all things to all people.

In the current world, companies tend to understand their core business and the special features required to succeed in their supply chain.  They then look to purchase an ERP solution to fulfil those critical day to day needs, with all the nuances that make their business special.

Once their daily transaction business is optimised, the focus moves to external parties and how to optimise their business for all facets of trading.

This leads to a different type of solution provider who can support three different business requirements;

  • Implementation of the core ERP solution
  • Integration with software that provides specialised solutions
  • Collaboration with partners of all types

Strategis Solutions has excellent options on ERP solutions from Kerridge Commercial Systems.  Additionally we are very experienced at supporting our customers to move to the next level with proven solutions and skills in integration and collaboration.  We can provide cloud hosting or self managed applications and have proven success with long term customers.

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